A-Frame Picking Systems

At MMCI Automation, our Order Picking Group specializes in the integration of A-Frame picking systems into all types of warehouse and fulfillment operations.

A-Frame Picking

A-Frame automated picking machines handle and process high-volumes of products that are typically less than full case orders. These systems rapidly dispense several orders at once, with typical pick rates averaging between 250 to as much as 4,200 orders per hour.

A-Frame systems provide order picking through several different solutions: Pick-to-belt, pick-to-tote, pick-to-bucket, and pick-to-carton. A-Frames are versatile picking machines that can be utilized at any point in the picking process.

  • Optimal for handling large volume of orders with low number of piece counts
  • Adheres to 80/20 rule – Ideal when 80% of piece picking volume represented by 20% of SKU’s.
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The 80/20 Rule

If 80 percent of your piece picking volume is based on <= 20% of your SKUs… then automate!

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Key Benefits of an A-Frame Picking System

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4,200 Totes/hr
High Number of Orders per Hour

A-Frames are high-volume piece-picking machines that require minimal interactions from an operator. These machines are fully automated and program-driven and have a pick-to-belt rate of 1,200 orders per hour, and a pick to tote rate of 4,200 orders per hour.

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2,000 Units/hr
High Replenishment Rates

Replenishing an A-Frame system is simple. Typical rates of replenishment can be as high as 2,000 pieces per hour, depending upon the training and efficiency of the operator.

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Easy to Use

A-Frames can accommodate products of several different sizes, providing operator free handling once the machine is fully stocked. Restocking the machine is also simple and can be quickly completed to ensure the continued operation of the system.

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Minimal Labor Required

Using modules from the DCX Software Suite, we can develop processes so orders flow directly from your ERP system to your A-Frame system that will drop the correct products into totes or boxes ready for pack-out and shipping.

How an A-Frame System Provides Solutions for your Demands

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Instantly Scalable

Whether your increase in demand is because of seasonality or changes in the market, an A-Frame system can adapt instantly to ensure that your order fulfillment process remains on track.

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Precise SKU Selection

A-Frame systems automatically and seamlessly handle a diverse collection of SKUs and deliver the exact amount of each product needed to an order without error consistently.

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Rapid Order Satisfaction

A-Frame systems require no picking labor. The system operates solely on programming and can react instantly to large order volumes, or to complex order volumes, ensuring the rapid delivery of the order.

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Instant Stock Replenishment

Refilling an A-Frame is simple, and doesn’t require the shutdown of the machine. An operator can typically reach refill rates of 2,000 pieces per hour.

Why Work with MMCI Automation?

When you work with MMCI, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience in not only specifying the best A-Frame technology for your needs, but integrating it with your existing warehouse automation software and systems so you get the most out of your investment.

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We will analyze your order history and profiles to determine what items will truly benefit from A-Frame picking technology.

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We will specify the proper size of A-Frame so you don’t over-invest in technology.

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We will design and implement other automation for items that are not ideal for A-Frame dispensing technology.

A Case in Point

Jewelry Distributor

See how MMCI helped a major jewelry distributor handle peak-season fulfillment and reduce labor by 95% by integrating A-Frame picking technology and modules from its DCX Software Suite.

Read Case Study

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