A-Frame Picking Systems

At MMCI Automation, our Order Fulfillment Group specializes in the integration of A-Frame picking systems into all types of warehouse and fulfillment operations.

A-Frame Overview

A-Frame automated picking systems are an ideal solution for operations fulfilling  high-volumes of small items in split cases.

Integrated properly, they can help free up warehouse space, increase order accuracy and significantly reduce labor costs.  These systems can essentially automate the entire picking process to the point that the only labor required is for replenishment, pack-out and shipping.  

Why Work with MMCI Automation?

From helping specify the best A-Frame technology to integrating it with your existing software, MMCI's Order Fulfillment Group can ensure you get the most out of your investment.  We start by analyzing your order history and profiles to determine what items will truly benefit from A-Frame picking technology vs. other automated picking methods.  Then, we design a complete picking process so we can specify an A-Frame with the correct amount of slots - saving you money by not over-investing in technology.

Software Integration

Next, we ensure you get the  the most out of your A-Frame automated picking system by combining it with intelligent warehouse execution software.  Using modules from the DCX Software Suite, we can develop processes so orders flow directly from your ERP system to your A-Frame system that will drop the correct products into totes or boxes ready for pack-out and shipping.

A Case in Point

See how MMCI helped a major jewelry distributor handle peak-season fulfillment and reduce labor by 95% by integrating A-Frame picking technology and modules from its DCX Software Suite.

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