Automated Order Picking Systems

In most warehouses and distribution centers, order picking is one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming processes.  However, by developing more streamlined systems, employing more intelligent warehouse execution software and integrating innovative technology, we can completely transform one's operation.  Here are some of the more common automated picking systems we utilize.

Smart Carts

By integrating iPads with industry-standard warehouse carts, our team has developed very cost-effective "smart carts" that work in conjunction with our DCX Software suite to completely streamline the order picking process.

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Pick-to-light systems are one of the most productive order fulfillment solutions - increasing productivity and accuracy while reducing costs throughout all the stages of the order filling process.  The technology has a very low learning curve so productivity gains are quick, even with new and seasonal employees.

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pick to light system


Voice picking systems are a very user-friendly and easy-to-learn technology that has successfully increased productivity, accuracy and safety in many operations.  These systems' primary benefit is that they allow order pickers to have their hands and eyes free at all times.  

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Put-to-light systems or "put walls" are typically deployed in operations that utilize batch picking processes. They use the same technology as pick-to-light systems, but with a reverse process flow - deconsolidating batches of into their respective orders.

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Put-to-light system

A-Frame Picking Systems

A-Frame systems combine elements of storage, picking and conveying in one self-contained automated machine designed to process a high volume of orders at a very low cost.

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A-Frame Picking System

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