Smart Carts

By integrating iPads with industry-standard warehouse carts, our team has developed very cost-effective "smart carts" that work in conjunction with our DCX Software Suite to completely streamline the order picking process. 

How They Work

Smart carts work with the DCX Software to allow workers to pick multiple orders in a single pass through the warehouse.  The software batches and releases orders of similar items that are stored in close proximity to each other.  Workers take the carts that typically hold about 9 - 12 shipping cartons and go to pick the orders.  Each shipping carton is represented on the iPad screen for easy identification.

Best of all, since the orders are picked and placed directly into the shipping carton,  the need for deconsolidation at pack-out is eliminated.  Plus, the process can utilize the DCX Cubing Module to ensure the properly sized shipping carton is allocated to each order.

Smart Warehouse Order Picking Cart

Smart Carts = Better ROI

More and more of our automation clients are choosing to integrate smart cart technology to streamline their order picking processes for one primary reason, Return on Investment.  The reality is that smart carts allow most operations to achieve over 80% of the benefits of other automation equipment at less than 20% the costs. Of course, there are many other benefits as well...

Benefits to Using Cart Picking:

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Reduced walking / travel time
  • Flexible and mobile technology
  • Increased productivity and pick rates
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Cost-effective 
ipad equipped order picking cart

A Case in Point

See how MMCI Order Fulfillment used Smart Carts at Concordia Publishing House to create a cost-effective solution that improved order picking productivity while integrating with the existing pick-to-light technology. 

Read Case Study

pick to light system

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