Packaged Products

"Whether it's figuring out a solution to a very challenging material handling problem or helping manufacturers adjust to changes in retail and distribution, we are up to the task."

Mike Lee, Director of Sales & Marketing

Helping Packaged Goods Companies Adapt

With today's retailers requiring customized packaging and unique case quantities, the need for flexible end-of-line packaging systems is greater than ever. The days of selling one standard product conveniently packaged the same way for every client are nearing their end.

Flexible Robotics

Traditional retailers want to differentiate their product offering while warehouse stores and ecommerce operations often require radically different packaging and order fulfillment operations. For this reason, many of our consumer products clients are requiring greater flexibility in their end-of-line packaging operations.

See how MMCI Integration and MMCI Robotics developed an integrated solution featuring custom programmed conveyors and robust end-of-arm-tooling so our client could quickly cost-effectively handle requests many different types of packaging - allowing multiple shapes and sizes to be palletized by the same robot.

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Handling with Care

Integrating material automation can get quite tricky when one's product is fragile as was the case for this manufacturer of pressure activated pouches. Just to get the product from the production machine to cartons that could be palletized left many other engineering firms scratching their heads. MMCI Integration developed a unique solution featuring 3D printed augers and automated controls so the pouches could be gently placed into cartons as they were produced.

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