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MMCI offers in-stock FANUC CRX cobot palletizers for immediate shipping. Our collaborative robot solutions ensure safety, flexibility, easy implementation, and user-friendly programming.

Why FANUC Cobots?

MMCI has built our Collaborative Robotic solutions around the FANUC line of CRX Robots. Not only are FANUC’s new CRX Cobots safe, flexible, quick to implement, and easy to program, but they feature FANUC's renowned reliability and 8 years of maintenance-free operations. Simply put, the CRX Collaborative Robot is an industry Game-Changer.

FANUC’s CRX Series of Collaborative Robots

The FANUC CRX 25ia

While the FANUC CRX series features multiple models, our favorite is the 25ia. It was purpose built for tall, long reach, heavy payload applications and consequently does not require a secondary vertical lift mechanism like other cobots. This reduces cost and complexity. It is perfect for palletizing!

FANUC CRX 25ia cobot palletizer

Perfect for High Mix to Low Volume Tasks

These factors make collaborative robots a natural fit in a diverse range of industries and applications. Shift from high-mix low volume to low-mix and high-volume task easily. The possibilities are truly endless but common applications for Cobots are palletizing, depalletizing, case erecting, vision guided pick and place and more.

Collaborative Robot Palletizing Boxes

Why a Cobot Palletizer?

FANUC’s line of CRX Cobots has inherited the same intelligence and reliability that its traditional yellow robots have had for decades. For example, FANUC’s integrated iRvision including 2D, 3D, bin pick, and area scanners – all incredible vision technology are available as a plug and play option.

Key Benefits

Safe Operation
Ergonomic design eliminates collisions and injuries.

Easy to use controls on touchscreen display.

Easy Setup
Drag and drop pallet building software.

Fast Delivery
Complete in-stock systems available.

100% proven industrial reliability with 8 Years Zero Maintenance.

Operate on 110V and can be easily moved throughout your operation on pallet jack.

Small Footprint
Uses sensors and force controls to eliminate the need for safety fencing or equipment.

Low cost provides positive ROI on rate applications as low as to 6-8 cases per hour.

Plus, all of our palletizing solutions are supported with a comprehensive service program. We can tailor it to fit your needs; remote and on-site support, preventive maintenance, replacement and spare parts, and training are all available.

See These Cobot Palletizers in Action

We encourage you to visit us and see this solution in operation at our Robotics Technology Center. Or, send us your product and we will be happy to send you a video of the system palletizing it.

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