Oversized & Odd Shaped Products

When many people think of robotic palletizing, they conjure up images of robots picking and placing large quantities of standardized boxes or bags rolling off a production line all day long. But robotic palletization does not have to be limited to completely standardized products.

At MMCI Robotics, we are always up for a challenge and invite you contact us about whatever it is that you are trying to palletize. You may be surprised at how we can help.

We have experience in moving and palletizing all types of loads including oversized products, large bundles, building materials and trays.

A Case in Point

We were approached by a manufacturer of pre-fabricated storage units whose workers were suffering from the literally back-breaking job of moving and stacking 7.5 feet long cases that weighed in excess of 200 pounds.

The entire pre-fab storage unit was being grouped and boxed in a designated packaging area, but workers were left with getting these awkward and very heavy finished cartons off the line. It literally took two or more men and was risky work," said Gordon House, MMCI Project Engineer.

MMCI engineers worked closely with the company's project manager to develop multiple concepts to make the palletizing process safer and more productive. Three viable concepts with budgetary considerations were evaluated and an automatic robotic palletizing system with a load strapper was chosen.

"Now the customer is palletizing the finished cartons automatically; it's safer and faster and all the equipment we installed is meeting the challenge."

So, regardless of your product or application. If you are looking for ways to eliminate an unsafe process, improve productivity or just get a better feel for your automation options, please contact us. We love getting the opportunity to solve challenging problems.

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