DCX Sort Control™

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DCX Sortation Control directs product seamlessly through your operation to balance loads and orders across work areas. It is easily configured to support additional diverts, and integrates to weigh-in-motion scales and print-and-apply machines.

Key Features

Interacts directly with a material handling system to properly route containers.

Configurable to match detinations to divert points.

Interacts with weigh-in-motion scale and print-and-apply machines.

Provides statistics and rate profiles.

Designed to optimize throughput without increasing machine speed.

Add Intelligence to Your Conveyor System

Designed to Optimize Throughput Without Increasing Speed

Get the most life and value from your conveyor system with less wear/tear.

Software Sort Control

Provides Statistics and Rate Profiles

Clear, transparent stats produces meaningful measurements allowing you to focus on results.

Software Sort Control

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