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"We have a talented team of passionate engineers and problem solvers that think outside of the box to out-smart and out-design our competition to provide the best solution for our clients."

Eric Kirkman, General Manager

Dual Robotic Palletizing System

One of the most innovative and successful packaging manufacturers on the planet, tasked us with automating the end-of-line packaging systems for a heavy, bulk paper product line that could not utilize a standard palletizing solution.

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MMCI Case Study

Automating a Complex Unitizing Process

A major recycler of aluminum for the automotive industry had outdated equipment that ran too slowly and broke too often. Enter MMCI.

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Automating a Complex Unitizing Process - MMCI Case Study

Pick & Place + Palletization

One of the leading health care companies in the world turned to MMCI to automate a process that nearly every other material handling systems integrator and palletizer supplier wrote off as "too difficult."

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Robotic Pick and Place with Palletization - MMCI Case Study

AG/Chem End-of-line Packaging

By out-hustling and out-engineering our competition, MMCI completely automated the end-of-line packaging process for one of the leading global suppliers of crop science and agricultural chemicals

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Frozen Food Palletizing

Like many meat and frozen food processors, MMCI's client, one of the largest raw food producers in North America, wanted to eliminate the amount of human exposure to the freezing temperatures of the palletizing area while increasing productivity. The solution needed to fit within a very limited space in the facility and be delivered and installed with minimal disruption to the operation.

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The Re-Engineering of a Bottling Facility

After being approached by a manufacturer of lubricants to update their outdated palletizer, MMCI completely re-engineered the company's entire bottling, packing and palletizing process to eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity.

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Vision Guided Unitizing System Increases Productivity by 30%

MMCI designs an installs a vision-guided sorting and unitizing system capable of sorting products in a more efficient manner without having to modify the existing upstream equipment and processes.

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Award Winning Solution for Complex Cubing and Palletizing Problem

Working with a major supply chain management company in a fulfillment center that packaged a wide variety of items, MMCI Robotics was challenged with designing end-of-the-arm tooling that could satisfy a range of processes and be able to palletize products with highly variable sizes and weights without requiring a tool change.

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Single Source Supplier for Automated Packing and Palletizing

See how MMCI Robotics helped a major paperboard container manufacturer improve the efficiency of their carton packing process with an integrated system featuring a customized robot that picked-and-placed cartons into cases, dispensed pallets and palletized the full case for shipment to its customer.

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Maximum Flexibility in an Ultra-Compact Palletizer

MMCI Robotics integrated a robust EOAT that could handle many different types of packaging, allowing multiple shapes and sizes to be palletized by the same robot

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Making Palletization Safer & More Effective

There is little debate that the manual loading of pallets can be very strenuous work with lots of lifting and bending, taking a toll on a worker's body. The physical demands of the job limit production rates and often lead to injuries that yield a number of hidden costs. These were a just a couple of the challenges faced by our client.

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Making Palletization Safer & More Effective - MMCI Robotics Case Study

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