DCX Module Overview

Strengthen your order fulfillment system with the DCX Software Suite with add-in modules easily installed and upgraded.

Each module is designed to improve processes in key areas from receiving through shipping. Install only the modules you need for a cost-effective and timely tactical approach to intelligent warehousing.

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DCX Inventory™

Stay on Top of Inventory and Product Demand to Maximize Sales
Syncs with ERP systems to streamline the order receiving, slotting, zoning and replenishment processes.

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Software Inventory
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DCX Order Management™

Reduce Cycle Time and Bottle Necks
Controls how orders are processed and released to balance workloads, improve pick rates, and reduce cycle times.

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Software Order Managment
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DCX Sort Control™

Add Intelligence/Logic to Your Conveyor System
Routes containers through your conveyor system based upon business rules or order allocation.

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Software Sort Control
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DCX Pick™

Improve Picking Efficiencies, Reduce Travel Time and Increase Accuracy
Streamlines the order picking process by applying intelligent picking methods with automated systems.

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Software Pick
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DCX Pack™

Minimizes the Number of Ship Containers and Container Sizes to Decrease Shipping Costs
Ensures containers are selected, packed, and checked in an efficient and effective manner.

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Software Pack

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