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The DCX Order Module releases and processes orders through the fulfillment center in an efficient manner. Seamless execution controls how orders are processed and released in order to balance workloads, improve pick rates and accuracy, reduce cycle time to drive customer satisfaction, and to create repeat business and long-term loyalty.

Key Features

Functionality includes order allocation, batching, cubing, waving, and workload balancing.

Allocate inventory from one or multiple warehouse sites for quick and efficient order fulfillment.

Configurable rules help to customize timing, path, etc and optimize performance.

Provides visibility along the whole path for operations managers, allowing for manual intervention.

Can be released in real time or scheduled based on timing parameters.

Produces Faster and More Efficient Responsiveness to Customer

Can be Released in Real-time or Scheduled Based on Customer Requirements

Real-time release of orders allows priority orders to get worked into the release process in a timely manner.

Scheduled release of waves allows the customer to control how orders are released and processed into the system.

Software Inventory

Satisfies Customer Expectations with On-Time Delivery

Reduce cycle time to drive customer satisfaction, repeat business and long-term loyalty.

Software Order Managment

A Case in Point - Nu Skin

Improving the Order Fullfillment Process

See how DCX Software helped Nu Skin improve its fulfilment operation.

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