Minimizing Palletizer Footprint

4 Ways to Automate Palletizing with Limited Space

1. Specify a Small Footprint Palletizer

As an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC, we have experience designing, specifying and integrating the industry’s widest range of robotic palletizers. The extensive knowledge for robotic cell design, integrating conveyors systems and implementing intelligent controls allows us to develop solutions for even the tightest spaces.

A Case in Point

See how we developed an ultra-compact palletizer capable of palletizing products from two different lines with multiple pallet configurations for one the of leading manufacturers of condiments in the country.

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2. Palletize More with Less

One of the primary benefits of using robotic palletizers over conventional palletizers is their flexibility. Intelligent cell design, end of arm tooling and controls are all considerations to maximizing one robot to palletize multiple production lines.

See how we combined two manually-operated palletizing lines into one fully automated line for one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural chemicals.

By developing a more efficient upstream process, our one-robot plletizing system not only featured a smaller footprint, but it required much less investment.

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3. Move Palletizing to an Area with more Space

Manufacturing space is often tight, so why not move palletizing to another area of the facility?

Using vertical and ceiling-mounted conveyors, we transfer products up from the production line and convey them to the area with more space and then transfer them back down with vertical conveyors.

See how we freed up space and relieved forklift congestion at the end of a busy packaging line while subsequently imporoving productivity, reducing costs and enhacing safety.

Reduced footprint near packaging line

Enhanced safety and productivity by eliminating forklift traffic

Reduced costs – fewer forklift operators as well as fewer forklifts to own and maintain

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4. Future? Use Collaborative Palletizing Robots

While still in their infancy, collaborative robots offer a promising option for creating small footprint palletizers in the future. Collaborative robots are designed to work safely alongside workers without the need for space-consuming safety barriers.

Plus, some of FANUC’s smaller palletizing robots are mobile which allow them to be repositioned from line to line as production changes. Of course, one has to consider line speeds and many other variables to take advantage of this new technology, but it is something to consider.

About Collaborative Robots

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