MMCI Technology Center

As a result of never being satisfied, we built the MMCI Technology Center around the concepts of collaboration and continuous improvement. We always have working robotic systems on our floor so you have a place to design, test, learn and partner.

What does collaboration really mean?

Collaboration is a partnership; a union; the act of producing or making something together. Collaboration can take place between two people or many people, strangers, or best friends. To collaborate is to commit to the possibility of producing an outcome greater than one that would be developed in a silo.

Our Objective

MMCI has been supplying palletizers, order fulfillment solutions, conveyors, software, and a multitude of material handling solutions for the past 40 years and understand what it takes to provide customers with a high performing solution. When we designed our Technology Center, our primary objective was to build our clients a place to view automation in action and collaborate with our team to develop the best solutions possible for their operation.

A Place To Test

Building Trust

We wanted our customers to feel comfortable and have a place to think about how automation could benefit their operation. Automation is not something to rush into. It can impact your operation at the very core and is highly visible. A poorly developed and executed Automation project can be a career changer. We want you and your company to look good – we have your back. We work hard to build your trust and will work tirelessly delivering the solution you expect.

A Place To Design

The Collaboration Room

When you enter our Collaboration Room, you will immediately notice we built it with a glass wall overlooking our shop floor so you can observe how we go about building, testing and operating systems as you think about your needs. We always have MMCI R&D systems on our floor to continually develop our software, controls, and mechanical systems. These R&D cells are critical for testing and continued development as well as providing a working system for our customers to interact with.

A Place To Learn

The Process

We often see project managers, engineers and operation leaders visit us throughout the concepting, design, build and FAT process. This is especially important if automation at this level is new to them. Exchange of information is critical to success. We do not know everything about your operation, and you expect us to apply our experience and the best automation technology for your operation – so we designed our facility as a resource around this goal.

A Place To Partner

“We work for YOU...not an OEM pushing product. Our goal is to be a resource that helps you determine the best path forward for your company’s Automation Journey...our Technology Center is built around this concept."

How Can We Help?

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