DCX Software Suite

Optimized Through Intelligence

At MMCI, we know that optimizing your warehouse and fulfillment operations requires more than just fancy equipment. It requires intelligence. The kind of intelligence gained from over 35 years of experience in warehouse operation that powers the DCX Software Suite.

Buy Only What You Need

By building our warehouse execution software in a modular format we only install the modules you need. You pay less, deploy faster and achieve results immediately.

Faster Deployment + Lower Cost =

  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Better Return on Investment

Scalability & Expandability

As you grow, so do your demands for more comprehensive software. With many systems in place, future growth often results in having to install more complex (and more expensive) software solutions to meet your demands. Fortunately, our software easily accommodates any future expansions when they are needed.

Versioned &
Backwards Compatible

Any customizations made to the software are added to the core code. This eliminates the need to skip upgrades due to the fear your customizations will stop working. It also makes our software backwards compatible. Every new release supports the entire feature set of the previous version. This ensures seamless upgrades and reduces schedule concerns on your end.

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Based on Real World Experience

Best of all, the team that develops, maintains and continually improves the DCX Software Suite is not limited to computer programmers. We routinely walk the warehouse floor, pick orders and work side-by-side with our clients in real world scenarios in order to better understand the unique challenges they face.

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Our Work

DCX software has helped companies across many industries improve order accuracy, increase productivity, reduce shipping expenses and more.

  • Case StudyMusclePharm

    Rethinking inventory management processes to help MusclePharm process orders faster.

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  • Case StudyNuSkin

    Rethinking Nu Skin’s distribution center performance to reduce shipping costs by $1 million/year.

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  • Case StudyImperfect Foods

    Rethinking order fulfillment for Imperfect Foods' quick-moving inventory.

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  • Case StudyBakery Supplies

    Rethinking the picking process to help Bakery Supplies improve packing operation.

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  • Case StudyConcordia

    Rethinking challenges at Concordia Publishing House.

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