Put-to-Light & Put Wall Systems

Put-to-light systems or "put walls" are typically deployed in operations that utilize batch picking processes.  They use the same technology as pick-to-light systems, but with a reverse process flow - deconsolidating batches of into their respective orders. 

Put-to-Light with DCX Software

Integrating a put-to-light system with modules from our DCX Software Suite can significantly help streamline operations in a warehouse. In the typical process flow, each shelf or storage location is assigned to an individual order.  Items that have been pulled from storage areas are placed into totes and taken or sent to the Put Wall area.  

There, the operator scans each item and the system lights the section of the Put Wall where the scanned item belongs. Once an order is completed, lights inform the operator that it is ready for shipment.  

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At MMCI Order Fulfillment, we can help analyze your order profiles, warehouse space and existing order picking and fulfillment processes to determine whether Put-to-Light Walls are the best option for optimizing your warehouse automation plans.

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