Why Invest in Robotics?

6 Reasons to Palletize with Robots

For many companies, the decision to invest in robotic palletization stems from a shortage of labor that is willing to manually stack pallets for a living.  Even for those not facing labor shortages, here are 6 key reasons to palletize with robots.

Robotics Palletization Safety

Robots reduce the need for employees to perform repetitive, potentially injury-causing movements eight hours per day - improving both safety and productivity.

Robotics Palletization Increases Productivity

Not only are today's robots faster than ever before, but they can work 24/7/365 with minimal maintenance.

Robotics Palletization Increases Consistency

Robots are programmed to perform repetitive tasks in an error-free manner and can be programmed to pack and palletize the exact amount, in the configured way each and every time.

Robotics Palletization Improves Flexibility

MMCI’s robust intuitive software, integrated controls and multi-functional end-of-arm tooling allow our robots to pick, pack, handle and palletize a wide variety of products and packaging types and even palletize mixed loads.

Robotics Palletization Can Improve Space Utilization

The multi-functional capabilities of today's robots allow skilled designers to develop systems that perform multiple tasks - eliminating the need for certain equipment and processing areas.

Robotic Palletization Yields Long-term ROI

Significant improvements in safety and productivity can typically justify the investments in robotics for many companies, but the long-term ROI is even greater when one considers the other benefits.

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