Robotic Order Picking

While robotic order picking is still in its infancy, we are able to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in automating warehouses and distribution centers with our comprehensive capabilities in robotic automation to solve all types of order picking challenges.

Experts in Automating Warehousing and Distribution Operations

Our fulfillment automation team specializes in rethinking labor intensive, error-prone order fulfillment processes into the efficient, precise operations required to thrive in today’s world of omni-channel distribution.

  • Analyze your operation and order profile to ensure the right technology for the job
  • Specify, program and integrate the best equipment for your operation
  • Configure and implement the software to coordinate the picking process

Specialists in Integrating FANUC Robots

With the shift to an ecommerce economy, the pressure on warehouse workers to pick and pack orders quickly and accurately is greater than ever before. To combat this, innovative operations are turning to order picking robots for their:

  • Uninterrupted Speed
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Inline Inspection
  • Accuracy
  • Dexterity

Looking Towards the Future with Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots can be specified for applications of all kinds including order picking, pick and placement, palletizing and end-of-line packaging. Once it is determined that a collaborative robot is needed, our team can work with you to integrate with existing systems, and then optimize new equipment necessary to perform your operation.

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