Does a shift from manual to automated palletizing make sense for your company? What can you expect to get in return for your investment?

Reducing Labor Costs & Increasing Value

When you consider the challenges related to finding workers for physically demanding, repetitive jobs, the benefits to integrating a robotic palletizer become very clear. Let's compare manual labor with robotic labor.

  Manual Manual Labor Robotic Robotic Labor
Labor IconLabor
  • Average hourly rate of $16-$24, and rising
  • Requires management staff
  • Third shift is paid more and overtime is extra
  • Labor shortage & labor turnover
  • Operating costs for robots range from $0.15 to $1.50 per hour
  • Requires minor oversight
  • No premium for night shift or overtime
Downtime IconDowntime
  • Smoke breaks, lunches, sick time, vacation are typically built into work schedule
  • Robots don't take vacations, lunch, or smoke breaks
  Quality Control
Errors IconQuality Control
  • A study found that 23% of all unplanned downtime in manufacturing is the result of human error
  • Properly programmed robots deliver consistent standards including stack patterns, products per load, and load integrity
  • Proven quality control improvements
Liablity IconLiability
  • 3.5 out of every 100 full-time workers are injured on the job
  • Robots don't get hurt or file insurance claims
  Personnel Management
Personnel Management IconPersonnel Management
  • Typical workers get 2-3 weeks paid time off
  • Hiring and recruiting costs can be quite high
  • Robots require minimal maintenance and incur little cost when not in operation
  • Robot supply is predictable and cost-effective

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Use this calculator to determine the cost savings you can expect to receive from using a robotic palletizer over manual labor.

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