Conveyor Systems

In the world of material handling and warehouse automation, conveying equipment tends to be a significant part of nearly every project. So, it naturally follows that our engineers have become very adept at how to improve productivity, enhance safety, reduce costs, and more with the intelligent use of conveyors.

Vertical Conveyors Improve Productivity & Safety

After being called in to help improve the palletization process for one of the world's leading lubricant manufacturers, we noticed an extensive amount of forklift traffic operating close to workers on the bottling line. MMCI engineers determined that by integrating vertical and ceiling mounted conveyors, finished cases could be transported directly to the warehouse for palletization and putaway.

This automation not only improved productivity and reduced the number of forklifts needed in the operation, but the reduction in forklift traffic near the bottling line made for a much safer work environment.

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Better Conveying Controls Reduce Capital Investment

When one of the world's leading agricultural chemical producers was looking to employ robotics for its end-of-line-packaging operation, it turned to MMCI Automation for a better solution.

Where others could only design systems requiring two robots, MMCI Integration engineers used their extensive knowledge of conveyors and controls to design a system that would work with one robotic palletizer. By integrating accumulation conveyors and motorized drive roller conveyors, our design would rotate the cases and optimize their orientation for picking before moving to pick conveyors with integrated stoppers that would stage the cases for palletizing.

The project represents an excellent example of how our expertise in conveyors saved our client the expense of having to invest in an additional robotic cell.

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