Food & Beverage

"Having worked for decades with many of the largest food companies in the world, we've developed a keen knowledge for the industry that truly sets us apart ."

Bob Weller, National Accounts Manager

Helping Market Leaders Stay on Top

Very few industries are as mature as the food industry.  It's a market dominated by a relatively small number of very large companies all competing for shelf-space in a retail market that has also experienced massive consolidation.  Aside from developing innovative new products, automating one's operation is often one of the most effective ways to compete.  Automation lowers costs and gives manufacturers the pricing flexibility and greater profits it needs to grow.  

The Move to Robotics

While our experience in the food industry extends back decades, the future is moving towards robotics and more and more of our integration client's have turned to us for help in roboticizing their end-of-line packaging operations.

Such was the case for this client, one of the largest raw food producers in North America. Like many meat and frozen food processors, our client wanted to increase productivity while also eliminating the amount of human exposure to the freezing temperatures of the palletizing area. 

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Beverage Filling & Packaging

When a major manufacturer of beverage products needed to expand their market share in the adult beverage business, they turned to MMCI to engineer a brand new, custom filling and packaging line.

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Case Sorting Challenge

In the highly competitive food industry, timing is everything when launching a new product. To get new products more quickly, operations people often find themselves in a situation where they need to react very quickly. In this case, it was the nation's largest food manufacturer who needed to make certain that it's new product was on the stores shelves when marketing launched it. Knowing the demanding timeframe and complicated engineering in front og them, our client turned to us for help.

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