Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment

Pick-to-light systems are one of the most productive order fulfillment solutions - increasing productivity and accuracy while reducing costs throughout all stages of the order filling process. Its ease-of-use makes productivity gains quick, even with new and seasonal employees.

What is a Pick-to-Light System?

Light-Based Picking

Pick-to-light systems are light-based picking systems that use lights and numbers to direct pickers in what product to pick and how many to pick. These systems are typically employed in zone picking, which allows the picker to become familiar with their unique zone. Aided by the pick-to-light system, and with a comprehensive understanding of their particular zone, a pickers' picking rate and pick accuracy and improve by as much as 30-50% in speed and accuracy.

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What Software does our Pick-to-light system use?

MMCI pairs pick-to-light systems with our adaptable DCX Software platform. This software can be modified to fit the needs of your operation and can perform several different functions and operations to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your order fulfillment process.

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Drives the PTL hardware lights directly and independantly.

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Can track box or tote contents.

pick to light, PTL SYSTEM

Provides information on when an order is picked, by whom and into which tote.

pick-to-light picking system

Integrates with DXC Order Management
module to balance workloads.

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Integrates with DCX Inventory Control
module to signal items for replenishment.

Benefits of a Pick-to-Light System

The most important benefits provided by pick-to-light system are the dramatic increases in productivity, reduction of error and accuracy of picks, ease and simplicity of training, and increased ROI that a pick-to-light system provides.

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30-50% ^
Productivity Improvements of 30-50%

With a Pick-to-Light System, typical measurable productivity improvements are often as high as 30-50%, as clear instructions are given to the operator regarding which items need to be picked, and the amount that needs to be picked. This eliminates errors that arise from a traditional paper picking list.

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Training Sessions as Short as 4 Hours or Less

Training sessions can be as short as 4 hours or less. Accuracy is not affected by these brief training sessions, and operators properly trained to use a pick-to-light system typically perform with accuracy rates as high as 99%. This level of accuracy dramatically improves throughput and order fulfillment.

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Perfect Fit for Any Industry’s Needs

The pick-to-light system is used across a wide selection of industries, including subscription order fulfillment, retail, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, grocery and convenience stores, and more. It’s ease of use and adaptability make it a perfect fit for near any industry or order fulfillment need.

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Simple Integration With Existing Systems

These adaptable systems can be paired with other automated distribution applications such as A-Frames, carousels, conveyors, and other existing systems to increase throughput and order fulfillment.

pick-to-light brings faster roi
Faster ROI

Ultimately, pick-to-light systems quickly achieve full project ROI due to the dramatic increases in pick accuracy, pick completion, low operational costs, and SKU completion. This allows your team and your processes to be optimized, accurate, and responsive.

Is a Pick-to-Light System right for your Order Fulfillment process?

There are several different solutions you can choose to streamline your order fulfillment process, so the question is, is a pick-to-light system the correct choice for your operation? Consult the graph below to decide if a pick-to-light system is the right application for your needs.

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A Case in Point

Imperfect Foods, a supplier of produce that does not meet grocery stores’ standards for appearance, was seeking a way to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their produce picking operation. They contacted MMCI to help streamline their picking process and monitor the accuracy of their picking process. For this client, MMCI found that a pick-to-light system would be the perfect answer.

Read Case Study

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MMCI Provides Full Support throughout the Life Cycle of the System

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Online Ticket System

The efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your operations matter. MMCI provides full support throughout the life cycle of your pick-to-light system, and we can always be reached either by phone (314-438-3300), or through our Online Ticket System.

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