Collaborative Robotics

In recent years smart industrial machines performing highly complex tasks have started working alongside human beings to increase productivity and efficiency while maintaining safety and quality standards. As leaders in the material handling robotics industry, MMCI is on the cutting-edge of collaborative solutions that feature best-in-class design, systems and ongoing support.

Why are people using collaborative robots?

A common application for collaborative robotics would be assisted assembly where the robot is required to lift a part or an object that might be too heavy or awkward for a worker to handle. The robot can deliver that part to the worker to perform a complex assembly in the same vicinity. Once finished, the robot can deliver the part downstream for further processing.

What kind of safety features do collaborative robots have?

Sensors can measure abnormal forces in the robot’s path and then halt its movement when it detects the applied force. When you combine this with a 3D printed wrap that covers pinch points and allows for softer impact, the result is a machine that can work safely and responsively with a human operator. Additional sensors can also be installed around the cell’s perimeter which trigger changes in the robot’s speed, or even pause the entire cell until the person exits the safety zone.

How do collaborative robots integrate with other equipment?

In much the same way as a standard robot. In this example, a vertical lift module is used to demonstrate the transfer of objects from a conveyor to a table where an operator can pick them up and then return them to the table for storage. However, collaborative robots can be specified for applications of all kinds including assisted assembly, pick and placement, palletizing and end-of-line packaging. Once it is determined that a collaborative robot is needed, our team can work with you to integrate with existing systems, and then optimize new equipment necessary to perform your operation.

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