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Unlike many automation companies that are only interested and capable of selling cookie-cutter solutions for basic operations, we take pride in our ability to solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems.

Palletizing on the Go

Faced with the unacceptable choice of slowing its output or risking ongoing damage to its conveyors, this leading manufacturer of construction products turned to MMCI automation for a better solution.

MMCI engineers were able to use their extensive knowledge of both controls and equipment to develop a unique solution featuring a vision-guided sorting and unitizing system with a custom-programmed robotic arm.

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Case Study

Handling with Care

One of the leading health care companies in the world turned to MMCI to automate a process for handling very fragile products that other material handling systems integrators wrote off as "too difficult."

MMCI engineered a completely customized solution that replaced a manual pick-and-place process with a completely automated system. Utilizing custom-made spiral chutes and integrated controls, we developed a process that gently transferred the fragile pouched into baskets for palletizing.

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Ergonomic Lift Tables

Complete Packaging Line Automation

After years of struggling to find workers to perform the repetitive tasks associated with packing and palletizing millions of containers each year, this client turned to MMCI to completely automate its material handling process.

Our team designed a solution that streamlined everything from assembling and labeling the boxes to roboticizing the pick-and-place and palletizing functions.

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Roboticizing Frozen Food Palletizing

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