Fortune 500 Leader Case Study

Providing a Turnkey Solution 

The Client & Objective

A Fortune 500 manufacturing and logistics company with over 50 facilities in more than 20 countries was looking to automate one of its largest fulfillment operations.  Its primary goal was to replace manual palletizing processes with robotic palletizers, but management knew that the project would include automation of the software and upstream equipment as well.

The Challenges

To take advantage of the benefits of robotic palletization, we would need to figure out how to provide information to the robotic palletizer on the specific products entering the cell.  

Typical palletized shipments consisted of a wide variety of products in different sized boxes coming from different areas of the operation so information had to be passed in real-time.

The Solution

During an on-site visit, our design team studied the situation and determined that multiple modules from the DCX Software Suite and other software customizations could be employed to get the data from the ERP system and organize it into a usable format.

Functionality Added

  • Robotic Box Building Integration
  • Print-And-Apply Integration
  • Order Management
  • Cubing
  • Scan Verification Picking
  • Pick Tracking and Conveyor Integration
  • Integration with Existing Validation System
  • File Management System (to properly track each package on the pallet)

The new system was configured to release orders in a manner that prevented the intermixing of containers on the conveyor system while also giving instructions to the robot on how to configure the pallet.

Various modules from the DCX Software Suite supported these efforts.  For example, using the Cubing module, we could tell pickers which box or tray to use when packing out the order.  We also integrated systems to scan and verify orders for release, build trays, apply labels, and provide a double check on each order.

The Results

MMCI Order Fulfillment was able to successfully integrate the palletizing robots to the manufacturer's existing ERP system and connect multiple other systems in the process. This level of integration was completed faster than the ERP support team could and at a substantially lower cost.

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