Our Approach

At MMCI Robotics, our goal is not just to provide automation solutions, it is to provide better solutions.  Nearly any investment in robotics can improve productivity and reduce labor costs, but ensuring an investment has a good ROI and is designed in the most efficient manner is what truly sets MMCI apart.

By using 3D modeling, simulations and prototypes, our engineers can ensure a practical working result. We work with you from concept to installation and training, providing experience-based, creative systems to meet your specifications.

Robotics & Automation Design

Our Holistic Approach to Design

At MMCI Robotics, we know that while a robot can efficiently complete many tasks, taking a more holistic approach to our designs is the key to overall success. We look at the entire process to determine where productivity is being lost, where bottlenecks exist and where robotic automation can make the biggest impact on the operation.

We don't necessarily look to roboticize every function. Rather, we consider the most efficient and/or cost effective solutions, evaluate the trade-offs and then integrate those into our designs. In fact, we have saved some clients millions of dollars by integrating controls and software that allowed our designs to perform with fewer robots.

Increased Speed from Robotics Integration

Enhanced Flexibility

With extensive in-house engineering talent, MMCI Robotics can develop end-of-arm tools and controls to greatly enhance the flexibility and functionality of the robots.

  • End-of-Arm Tooling can be designed to handle different types of packaging allowing multiple shapes and sizes to be palletized by the same robot.
  • Controls can be developed so robotic systems can handle multiple product SKUs simultaneously with hundreds of configurations to handle different sizes, weights and even styles of products (cases, bags, etc.).
Enhanced Flexibility from Robotics Integration

Minimized Footprint & Reduce Cost

While improving throughput tends to be the primary reason companies install robotics, issues related to space and cost tend to common in every project.

At MMCI Robotics, we understand that any investment in automation needs to provide a return on investment. Nearly all automation can improve productivity and reduce labor costs, but our 30+ years of experience and holistic approach to designing systems allows us to provide a long-term ROI that tends to be unmatched in the industry.

Improve Space Utilization with Robotics

Heightened Safety That Does Not
Sacrifice Productivity

MMCI Robotics not only builds cells to a category 3 standard while meeting or exceeding RIA and ANSI safety requirements, but we often integrate leading-edge safety systems like area scanners and light curtains that allow robots and humans to work collaboratively in the same area in a safe, yet productive manner..

Increase Safety & Productivity with Robotics

Simplified Use

We know that technology is only helpful to an organization if it is easy to use and that is why we employ in-house engineers to design intuitive, interactive HMI touchscreens to control every aspect of the systems we design.

Improved Reliability

Not only do robotic solutions benefit from the improved reliability of robots over conventional automation equipment, but MMCI can support its installations with preventative maintenance programs and parts and service as well as help desk support with remote diagnostic capabilities.

How We Do It

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