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While the performance of a great robotic system is most dependent on the design of the robotic cell and how it integrates with the systems around it, the robotic arm tends to be one of the most critical parts of the system.

Preferred Partner of FANUC Robotics

At MMCI Robotics, we are proud to be a preferred partner of FANUC Robotics, the quintessential leader in the robotics industry, with over 100,000 robots installed in the US and over 250,000 robots installed across the globe. We have worked with many robotics suppliers over the years and have found FANUC to be the best-in-class for many reasons.

Fanuc Diagram

FANUC offers a complete line of robots designed and built to deliver consistent performance at the world’s fastest cycle times. At MMCI Robotics, we evaluate factors like payload, reach, duty, cycle time, floor space, level of precision and the amount of complexity of your process when specifying the ideal robotic arm for your operation.


As the worldwide leader in robotics, FANUC is continually innovating with technologies like its iRVision, a built-in machine vision that offers high-speed operation to increase productivity.


With nearly three decades of experience supplying the most demanding industries in the world, FANUC has earned a reputation for unmatched quality, uptime and reliability.


As the world’s largest supplier of robotic arms, FANUC achieves economies of scale that allow it to provide innovative solutions that are cost prohibitive to many smaller suppliers.

Ease of Use

Simply put, FANUC’s robots tend to be easier to program and integrate with other systems so our engineers can deliver intuitive, interactive systems more quickly and cost effectively.

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