The Importance of Ongoing Maintenance

Our client is a major packaged food manufacturer that produces extruded pasta products for nationwide distribution through its midwestern processing and packaging operation. The company needed a partner that could keep their automation equipment running at peak efficiency.

The Challenges

Our client’s internal maintenance group was unable to keep up with the service needs of all the automation equipment in this 300,000+ square foot facility. Because of the high demands placed on the maintenance crew, the only lines that received preventative maintenance and repairs were the ground lines. The overhead transport conveyors unfortunately became a victim of unintentional neglect and there was fear that oil or other lubricants could start leaking.

Not only had the conveyors slowed to the point that they were bottlenecking other areas of the production line, but management definitely wanted to avoid having any oil leaks. The facility had hundreds of employees and did not want to risk any slipping hazards – especially given that OSHA reported the average cost of a workers’ compensation claim for a slip and fall injury was over $20,000.

The Solution

MMCI’s team audited the facility’s entire secondary packaging line. We examined the systems - all of the rollers, bearings, sprockets, belts and gear boxes - for wear and tear to determine the state of the equipment. Our service group then evaluated the audit’s findings to develop a plan for repairing, replacing and setting up planned maintenance programs.

The service team quickly repaired and replaced poorly functioning equipment and created a preventative maintenance plan for the entire overhead system - including the line shaft conveyor, slider-bed conveyor, motor driven roller (MDR) conveyor, gearboxes, rollers, bearings and belts.

All of MMCI’s work was scheduled during a slower production period to minimize interruptions to the lines, downtime and production schedule disruptions.

The Results

With the maintenance was complete, the facility’s output returned to a rate much closer to full capacity and concerns about slip and fall injuries were virtually eliminated. Since this initial work, MMCI has played an integral role in keeping this company’s manufacturing facilities throughout the country operating at optimal rates as well as expanding, moving and re-designing automation lines to address changes in their business.

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