Heavy Manufacturing

"Having a thorough knowledge of heavy industry allows us to develop material handling solutions that can thrive in these challenging environments."

Eric Kirkman, General Manager

While heavy manufacturing and automated material handling are not always closely associated with each other, MMCI Integration has proven successful in automating all types of processes for companies involved in manufacturing heavy machinery, building materials and more.

Integrating & Maintaining Heavy-Duty Conveyors

Automated conveyor systems are a key element to improving productivity and controlling costs in factories producing construction machinery and equipment. Our experience in providing turnkey solutions - engineering the systems, integrating the equipment and implementing the controls - has made us a trusted partner of leading heavy equipment manufacturers for years.

However, it is our ongoing commitment to continual improvement and ensuring that the system we design continue to run optimally that truly set us apart.

Automating Parts Storage

It goes without saying that most heavy equipment contains a large number of critical parts and components - many of which are very high in value. To help store, protect and make these components readily available, we often integrate automated storage and retrieval systems into these operations.

Automating Parts Fulfillment

In an effort to help our heavy manufacturing customers identify ways to achieve their cost reduction goals, our holistic approach to automation can often pay large dividends.

In one case, we used our experience in order fulfillment automation to help a heavy equipment manufacturer assess its opportunities for improvement in its spare parts fulfillment operation. By updating its order fulfillment processes and installing modules from the DCX Software Suite, we identified over $1 million in annual savings with a investment return of approximately 9 months.

Order Picking Technologies

Roboticizing Heavy Loads

With a manufacturing process that involved many oversized pallets and extremely heavy loads, this Midwest manufacturer of pre-fabricated storage facilities turned to MMCI Integration for some heavy-duty ideas to automate their operations and reduce the physical demands on their workers.

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