Integrate New & Existing Material Handling Equipment

We specialize in the design and integration of complex, automated material handling systems aimed at optimizing throughput and increasing efficiency. Our unique process promotes understanding the full range of systems to help determine the best solution for our clients.

Leading Lubricant Manufacturer

Faced with the challenges of a rapidly growing business, our client needed to increase uptime and output, but a 20-year-old bottling line was inefficient and causing productivity to suffer so they wanted to start by replacing vintage palletizers.

As experts in the area of end-of-line-packaging, we were able to integrate new technologies into the existing system over time and even expand beyond the packaging process to streamline aspects of the bottling operation.

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MMCI Integrates Material Handling Equipment for a Leading Lubricant Manufacturer


When Concordia Publishing was looking to upgrade its order fulfillment processes, it turned to MMCI Order Fulfillment to figure out how to integrate new software, controls and processes into its existing systems.  Our team was able to use the existing carousel system and many other systems, while installing new software and a cart picking system that would support Concordia's increasing SKU count. 

By improving the controls and software that ran the existing operation and replacing some of the outdated conveyor systems with Smart Cart technology, we provided a significantly cheaper solution than others.  In fact, our expertise in integrating existing equipment into our solutions allowed us to meet the objectives at a third of the cost of other material handling solutions.

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MMCI Integrates Material Handling Equipment for Concordia Book Publishing

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