Maximize Your Limited Warehouse Space

Warehouse managers are constantly being asked to stock more products and fulfill more orders without the benefit of adding more space.  At MMCI Automation, our experienced team thrives on using automation, intelligence and technology to develop creative solutions that help you streamline operations and maximize the use of your space. 

Freeing Up Space with Modula VLMs

Our Client, a global electronic distribution center, had the good-fortune of its business volumes increasing to levels never before experienced.   They needed to figure out how to process more orders, more quickly while utilizing the existing space that was already relatively full.

By developing a new goods-to-worker picking process, installing 12 Modula VLMs and a pick-to-light system, we reduced the travel time related to picking to 1/16 of its previous time and freed up over 40,000 square feet of floor space.

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Symrise Integrates Modula VLM to Store & Track Inventory

Nu Skin

Under pressure to fulfill customer orders, and expand processes to handle dramatic and continual growth, MMCI Order Fulfillment used the DCX Software Suite to help Nu Skin get the most out of its space.

Switching form a basic, discrete order picking process to a more advance batch-picking process using DCX, Nu Skin was able to free up conveyor space and manage their warehouse much more efficiently.

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Nu Skin Rethinks Fulfillment to Maximize Distribution Center Space

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