Mobile Picking For Order Fulfillment

Mobile picking technology can be used in a variety of situations and methods from picking pallets, full cases, and eaches or using cluster picking to name a few. MMCI's mobile picking has also been integrated with other picking technologies, such as using a cluster picking cart integrated with a horizontal carousel. Our mobile system is completely web based and supports any mobile device with a modern browser like Apple and Android devices as well as mobile PCs.

Cluster Cart Pick App

One of MMCI's most common mobile configuration is our Cluster Cart Pick App, powered by our DCX Software Suite, which allows for orders with multiple lines and quantities to be picked together as a group. This mobile app will direct the operator to log into a picking cart they are assigned to work with. If there are any available orders to complete, the operator can follow the screens to start a picking process. The screens will then direct the users to the required pick locations and the operator will either scan the location label or enter the check digit verification code. The mobile picking app will direct the operator on how many items to pick up and direct them to the place them in the correct container. If supported by the devices, the mobile system can also give audio prompts and directions.

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Mobile Pallet Picking

MMCI's WCS Mobile Pallet Picking app is used when full case to a pallet or full pallet picking is required. Orders are assigned to a shipping area using the Shipping Area Management Add-On and then processed using this app. Similar to cart picking, capture of lots, expiration dates, or product diversion codes are supported. Cluster picking carts are an ideal solution when seeking warehouse automation

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