Warehouse Execution Software

The DCX software suite was designed to systematize and automate labor intensive, error-prone order fulfillment processes into the efficient, precise operations required to thrive in today’s world of multi-channel distribution.


Call it what you want. DCX is comprehensive enough to automate every aspect of your warehousing and fulfillment operations, but it is the WES or Warehouse Execution Software component that truly sets it apart from traditional Warehouse Management Software.

DCX is the intelligence that optimizes your warehouse.  It balances workloads, releases orders in an intelligent manner, optimizes picking labor, cubes orders efficiently, speeds quality checks and more.

Automation Software Modular Overview

The DCX Software Suite includes modules for every aspect of the warehousing process – from receiving and putaway to pick, packing and shipping. 

Inventory Management


Order Management


Order Picking


Pack & Ship


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