Nu Skin Case Study

MMCI Streamlines Nu Skin's Order Picking Process

The Client & Objective

Over the past 30 years, Nu Skin has become a leading personal care company by combining products that feature “all of the good, none of the bad” with a mission of becoming the world’s largest direct selling company. Today, the company distributes more than 200 anti-aging products to a customer base across 53 international markets through a global network of independent sales consultants.

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The Challenge

Improve the Order Fulfillment Process

Nu Skin not only faced the typical challenges of a fast-growing company, but its Warehouse Management Software from SAP was limiting its ability to utilize alternative picking approaches such as cluster picking and batching in order to improve efficiencies. At the time, all orders were being picked using a discrete picking all method.

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We needed to change their picking and packing process to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Relieve conveyor congestion
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Employ better tools for managing orders and staff

Plus, any solution would need to integrate with SAP and preferably work with the existing pick-to-light technology. Nu Skin management had evaluated the option of having its in-house IT team modify SAP’s software to address these challenges, but the solution proposed by MMCI Order Fulfillment and its DCX Software Suite proved to be much more appealing.

Our Solution

After evaluating order profiles, software and existing systems, MMCI determined that Nu Skin could accomplish its goals by introducing batching and cluster picking processes while integrating various DCX Software modules to improve the inventory control, order allocation and cubing processes.

The Results

Improved Productivity & Less Conveyor Congestion

By moving Nu-Skin from a discrete picking process to batch picking, we immediately improved picking efficiencies and greatly reduced the number of containers on the pick line.

The DCX Software allowed us to group similar orders into batches that could be deconsolidated in a centralized packout area.  It also allowed us to break out the non-conveyable orders (those that shipped in envelopes) to be cluster picked in a separate area using existing pick-to-light technology. 

This change from discrete picking to batch picking decreased each order picker's "travel time" exponentially.  But, we did not stop there.  We also implemented DCX Software's Quick Pick module that batched the orders for fast-moving items and placed their inventory in pallet positions near the packout station - allowing them to be "picked quickly."

Increased Order Accuracy

To reduce shipping errors and streamline the quality control process, MMCI integrated DCX’s Double Check modules. This technology scans each order as it transfers it over a scale to ensure the weight of the package matches the expected weight of the order and that no special rules apply. “Non-conforming” orders are then sent through the double check process resulting in a fast and efficient quality control system.

With the new systems and DCX Software installed, MMCI was not only able to provide better tools for releasing orders, picking and packing orders, and managing the operation, but it implemented reporting that provided key metrics for managing orders and staffing more efficiently.

A Long-term Partnership

Nu Skin has now trusted MMCI Order Fulfillment for more than ten years and the fully modular, expandable and customizable DCX Software has helped increase order fulfillment productivity and reduce costs while providing clear warehouse automation benefits.

As Nu Skin’s trusted partner, MMCI Order Fulfillment takes pride in creating greater efficiencies in Nu Skin’s existing processes that can withstand continual growth for years to come, providing an endless return on its bottom line.

warehouse automation, warehouse automation systems, warehouse automation company, warehouse automation strategies

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