Ongoing Maintenance and Lifecycle Support

"One-and-done" is not part of our vocabulary at MMCI Automation.  Not only do automated material handling systems have a lot of moving parts that need to be maintained, but changes in one's business often require lines to be adapted.  That's why we offer complete lifecycle support to our clients.

Major Food Manufacturer

For one of the largest food manufacturers in the world, we turned a one-time repair-and-replace project into a planned maintenance partnership that has lasted for over a decade and now includes multiple operations throughout the country.

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Case Study

Planned Maintenance

To keep systems running optimally and extend the life of the equipment, we will often set our clients up on planned maintenance programs that go beyond the typical program. We do more than just lubricate conveyors and replace worn parts.

We Provide Ongoing Assistance For:

Parts and Maintenance


Modifications & Efficiency Updates

We Provide Ongoing Support For:

Reducing Downtime

Increasing System Longevity

Future Planning


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