Pack & Ship

Integrating automation technology like unit sortation systems, weigh-in-motion scales and inline scanners with DCX Software, one can develop packing, checking and shipping systems that not only operate more efficiently, but eliminate virtually all packing errors.

Double Check

One of the most popular modules in the DCX Software Suite is the Double Check module.  This flexible and highly customizable module allows one to create intelligent processes for validating picking accuracy and optimizing the quality check process.  Rules can be configured to force a quality control check based upon a number of configurable business rules such as: 

Out of weight containers

Random container checks

Containers with fragile items

Containers with custom items

Containers with hazardous materials

Containers picked by new employees


Whether your situation requires the integration of a Put Wall or the advanced routing capabilities of an automated unit sortation system, DCX Software can help.   The software can be configured to automate all aspects of the packout process and can even integrate with high-speed fully-automated in-motion weigh-and-label systems for complete automation.  Plus, with its Mobile Pallet Picking module, DCX can even automate the prepping of full case and full pallet orders.


As a full warehouse management solution, DCX's automation extends all the way to the shipping process where one can integrate sortation technology, print-and-apply equipment and dimensional and weighing systems.  It has even been used to integrate robotic palletization into an operation.

Nu Skin Case Study

DCX Software helps Nu Skin's distribution center eliminate expedited shipping costs and reduce annual shipping expenditures.

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