Optimize Your Order Picking & Fulfillment

We rethink labor intensive, error-prone order fulfillment processes into the efficient, precise operations required to thrive in today’s world of omni-channel distribution. We have helped companies across many industries improve order accuracy, increase productivity, reduce shipping expenses and more.

Leading Bakery Supplies Distributor

This client partnered with MMCI to conduct an on-site design study asking, “Is there a better way to pick within our current hardware and warehouse management software (WMS)?”

After implementing our recommendations from the design study, the client administered an internal post-case analysis to find a dramatic reduction in shipping and labor costs had been realized through our solution. The post-case analysis revealed that the savings was over a million dollars.

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MMCI Optimizes Order Picking & Fulfillment Processes


MMCI designed, programmed, and installed a cart picking system to support order picking for Concordia's increasing SKU count. Our Smart Carts provided a significantly cheaper solution, compared to other WMS and technology.

In fact, combined with our DCX Software, we were able to achieve the same efficiencies at a third of the cost of other WMS solutions.

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MMCI Optimizes Concordia Publishing's Order Picking & Fulfillment Processes

Imperfect Foods

We partnered with Imperfect Foods to address fulfillment challenges, including a quick-moving inventory, size and weight variance, and a manual picking process.

Our DCX Software interfaced with their current ERP to control custom-engineered PTL hardware that would work in a moist and cool environment and could quickly be detached when a full wash down was required. Significant cost savings were realized and they are no longer relying on paper-based picking.

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MMCI Optimizes Order Picking & Fulfillment for a Food Producer

Fortune 500 Leader

One of the world's largest supply chain management companies reached out to MMCI to develop an integrated system that improved order accuracy, enhanced quality control and increased labor efficiency while reducing shipping and operating costs.

The solution was so successful that this facility won an internal award for the design and implementation of the system.

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MMCI Provides Order Fulfillment & Palletization Solution for Fortune 500 Leader

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