Packaging Equipment

By incorporating innovative design, best-in-class equipment and intelligent engineering, we have become experts in packaging automation.

Turnkey Packaging System Automation

When you work with MMCI Integration, you can expect us to look at all aspects of your packaging process for ways that it can be improved.  From integrating basic box sealers and label scanners to developing game-changing robotic pick-and-place solutions, we focus on solutions that improve productivity, safety and performance with a focus on ROI.

Complete Packaging Lines

We specialize in developing complete solutions like this packaging line that originally required two robots and significantly more space.  See Case Study.


Automate & Improve Quality

See how MMCI engineers utilized their knowledge and experience with automated packaging systems to improve the vintage filler, case packer, and bottle handling systems at a major petroleum bottling facility.

  • Net-weight filler improves productivity, quality and safety.
  • Wraparound case packer decreases the cost of corrugate while increasing productivity and quality.
  • New case packing pattern and case design virtually eliminates damage that had been occurring from the stacking of palletized loads.

See Case Study

Optimizing Robotics

MMCI Integration's knowledge and experience when it comes to automating packaging processes truly helps our team at MMCI Robotics shine.  See how we helped MMCI Robotics provide a single-sourced, turnkey automated packing and palletizing solution that improved efficiency, saved floor space, deployed quickly and provided an excellent ROI.

See Case Study

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