Packing & Shipping Automation

Using our knowledge and experience serving a wide range of material handling applications, we will help you make informed decisions as to what technologies, software and material handling processes would provide the most benefit for your warehousing needs both now, and in the future.


Print-and-apply systems provide a very cost-effective method for automating the packing process in most operations - especially when integrated with the warehouse management and warehouse execution software. In there most basic form, inline barcode scanners identify the order and communicate with the host system to "print and apply" shipping labels, but time stamps, serial numbers and other information can be applied as well.


Weigh-in-Motion scales are often used in higher throughput systems to accurately weigh customer orders (cartons) for the manifesting process. However, when integrated with DCX Software, these scales can be used to identify packages that may not be packed properly. By matching expected weights to actual weights, the system can identify questionable orders and automatically divert them to Quality Control for the Double Check process.

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