Our Consultative Process

At MMCI, we help you select the best palletizing technology for your application and then unleash our in-house design and controls teams to develop, integrate and deploy a system that will take your automation to a new level.

First – Evaluate Your Operation

Specifying the right palletizing technology starts with gaining a thorough understanding of your operation:

Production Line Speed

Pallet Configurations

Upstream Processes

Downstream Process

Available Space

Special Requirements

Second – Specify the Technology

After evaluating your operation and any specific requirements, we can help determine the best palletizing technology for your operation.




For building single SKKU pallets at rapid rates



Robotic Palletizers

For building common configuration pallets utilizing articulated arms.



Robotic Palletizers

For building diverse pallet configurations with unique requirements.

Third – Design the System and Controls

Whether we specify an off-the-shelf palletizer or engineer a customized solution, our in-house controls team will develop all systems needed to integrate the automated palletizing system into your operation.

Fourth – Test and Deploy

We design and build all robotic palletizer systems in our centrally-located tech center in St. Louis, Missouri. There, each unit is tested and validated before being integrated into your facility.

How Can We Help?

At any stage of your automation project, we can help.
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