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While our primary focus at MMCI Robotics lies in developing world-class robotic palletizing systems, we are still part of the MMCI Automation family of companies – specialists for over 35 years in integrating all types of automated palletizing solutions.

We Are Problem Solvers, Not Product Pushers

At MMCI Robotics, we evaluate factors like payload, reach, duty, cycle time, floor space, level of precision and the amount of complexity of your process when specifying the ideal solution for your application.

Conventional Palletizers

Conventional Palletizers


Robotic Palletizers

Robotic Palletizers

10 Key Factors We Consider:









Down Time


Standard Robotic Palletizing Systems

A Modular Approach

While most robotic palletizers are customized to your specific needs, space and application, we can typically utilize proven design concepts, pre-engineered systems and components, and tried-and-true controls when developing palletizers for boxes, bags and other standard packages.

By taking this modular approach to designing and building robotic palletizers, we can typically deliver better system at a lower cost in less time.

Standard Robotic Palletizing Systems

Standard Systems

Custom Robotic Palletizers

As one of the most experienced palletizer integrators in the country, we have had the opportunity to solve the most challenging palletizing problems - the kind of problems that most automation companies discard as too complex.

We’ve developed systems to palletize everything from frozen foods to hot metal ingots while integrating vision-guidance systems, case tracking programs and more.

Custom Robotic Palletizing Systems

Custom Systems

Conventional Palletizers

We have worked with many of the leading consumer packaged goods companies throughout the country and have designed and installed hundreds of successful conventional palletizing systems over the years.

Our holistic approach to design and the ability of our in-house engineering and controls teams to develop comprehensive material handling solutions is what truly sets us apart.

Conventional Palletizers

Conventional Systems

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