Robotic Palletizing System Improves Efficiency and Worker Safety

When your manufacturing process requires you to move oversized pallets and heavy loads, it can present extra engineering challenges. Such was the case when a Midwest manufacturer of pre-fabricated storage facilities needed some heavy duty ideas to improve their workplace environment. Stuck for a solution, they called on MMCI.

The Solution

MMCI engineers worked closely with the company's project manager to develop multiple concepts to suit their needs. Along the way, three viable concepts with budgetary considerations were presented to the customer for review.

One piece of the puzzle was particularly important to the customer's need for process improvement: the safety of its workers. The literally back-breaking job of moving 200 lb. finished cases that were 7.5 feet long could potentially take a toll on workplace safety, but the use of robotic arms in this situation would create a design challenge. MMCI was able to recommend an automatic robotic palletizing system with a load strapper.

Equipment Integrated

  • Robotic Palletizer
  • Highlight Load Strapper
  • Omni Metalcraft Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor

The Results

"Now the customer is palletizing the finished cartons automatically; it's safer and faster and all the equipment we installed is meeting the challenge." said Gordon House, MMCI Project Engineer.

"This project gave us the opportunity to custom design something quite unique. The entire pre-fab storage unit is grouped and boxed during the customer's packaging process, but then workers were left with getting these awkward and very heavy finished cartons off the line. It literally took two or more men and was risky work. With our robotic solution, the heavy lifting is off their plate and the entire process runs smoothly."

- Gordon House, MMCI Project Engineer

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