Solve Your Staffing Problems with Robotics

Given that a lot of material handling work can be very physically challenging and repetitive, many companies face major challenges when it comes to staffing their operations. At MMCI Automation, we develop innovate solutions so you can free up your valuable employees while increasing productivity.

Complete Packaging Line Automation

After years of struggling to find workers to perform the repetitive tasks associated with packing and palletizing millions of containers each year, this client turned to MMCI to completely automate its material handling process.

Our team designed a solution that streamlined everything from assembling and labeling the boxes to roboticizing the pick-and-place and palletizing functions.

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Case Study

Palletizing in a Freezer

The work of manually loading boxes onto a pallet is hard enough, but when it needs to be done in the cold environment of a food processing facility, the challenge with finding workers grows exponentially.

To assist one of the world’s largest food processors with this problem, we automated its cold-storage palletizing process by installing a special Fanuc palletizing robot outfitted with an integrated heating system. The robot palletizes at a much more consistent rate and allowed our client to re-allocate valuable workers to other areas of the operation.

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Ergonomic Lift Tables

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