Case Palletizing

The days when manufacturers maintained complete control over the shapes, sizes and case quantities of its products are over. The universe of retailers has consolidated and each is looking for ways to differentiate its products from its competitors. This has translated into major challenges for nearly every packaged good manufacturer.

Some of today's retailers are demanding different sized products, smaller case quantities and mixed pallet loads while others want to sell in bulk directly from pallets or in-aisle displays. Simply keeping up with the ever-changing products, packages and pallet patterns can stress an operation.  Productivity often wanes as operations struggle to adapt to the constant changes.

At MMCI Robotics, we understand the challenges you face because we help companies just like yours by integrating robotic case palletizers into their operations.

Robotic Case Palletizers

When it comes to achieving the ideal balance of speed and productivity, robotic palletizing is a great option for those with variable packaging needs, multiple product lines and constantly changing configurations.  We utilize best-in-class robotics, innovative end-of-arm tooling and intuitive HMI touchscreen controls to develop systems that increase productivity, enhance worker safety and truly improve the bottom line.

The Difference is in the Detail

At MMCI Robotics, our goal is not just to provide solutions to complicated problems, it is to provide BETTER SOLUTIONS. See how our focus on designing and implementing innovative solutions sets us apart.

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