Pail & Bucket Palletizing

From paints and coatings to lubricants and liquid feeds, products packaged in pails and buckets represent some of the best applications for the robotic palletization process. Manually stacking heavy pails and buckets is backbreaking work that few people want to do and conventional palletizers often lack the flexibility, precision and durability to do the job well.

Using both mechanical and vacuum-grip systems, our robotic palletizers quickly adapt to accommodate a wide variety of bucket and pail sizes and can operate 24/7/365 with minimal maintenance. We utilize best-in-class robotics, innovative end-of-arm tooling and intuitive HMI touchscreen controls to develop systems that increase productivity, enhance worker safety and truly improve the bottom line.

At MMCI Robotics, we understand the challenges you face because we help companies just like yours by integrating robotic case palletizers into their operations.

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Complete Pail and Bucket Packaging Lines

One of the key advantages of working with MMCI Robotics is that we have the skill and experience to design fully automated packaging lines featuring incoming conveyors to stage and align pails and buckets for palletizing, check-weigh equipment to improve order accuracy, pallet and slipsheet dispensers, and downstream wrapping systems to prepare loads for final shipment.

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