Storage Equipment

As a full service material handling systems integrator, MMCI has experience specifying, installing, and integrating nearly every type of storage system one can use in their operation. From basic warehouse racking to sophisticated high-density, goods-to-person storage systems like carousels and vertical lift modules, we can work with you to integrate the best warehouse automation technology and systems for your needs.

One of the most popular equipment lines that sell, install, and service are Modula vertical lift modules. These automated storage devices allow you to revolutionize your internal logistics by exploiting the full height of rooms and instituting more efficient goods-to-person picking systems. 

Modula's automatic vertical storage systems increase efficiency and save up to 90% of ground occupied space. They optimize floor space by utilizing a vertical drawer system that takes advantage of the high ceilings inherent in most warehouse facilities. This innovative design allows for quick retrieval of components and products and can be outfitted with a number of options like visual aids for picking operations.

Modula storage systems increase warehouse efficiency and save time in picking operations. Goods are stored inside the drawers of the vertical storage system and are automatically traced for picking operations. In short, Modula can save you space, time and money—reducing warehouse clutter by up to 90%.

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Modula + Fanuc Collaborative Robot

At MMCI Integration, we are always testing new methods and technologies that will provide even more automation and cost-savings for our clients. Partnering with MMCI Robotics, we develop systems that will allow us to pair Modula VLMs with Fanuc collaborative robots and standard conveyor systems to completely automate the storage and retrieval process.


MMCI is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality production from your facility; offering storage systems by Modula allows us to accomplish this goal.

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