End-of-Arm Tooling

At MMCI, we design and build the end-of-arm tooling for our robotic palletizers. As a single-source supplier, we help you avoid the issues and markups associated with using third party suppliers.

Standard Mechanical (Clamping) EOAT

For many case palletizing applications, we utilize our innovative mechanical end-of-arm tooling that features a pneumatically-powered support lip which reduces box damage and eliminates dropping issues. These standard tools can be outfitted with additional elements for forklift and sheet picking as part of our Quick-Ship program.

Automated Tool Swap

This end-of-arm tooling shown above was also designed with a unique automated tool swap feature to maximize efficiency. The innovative system secures a pallet-grabbing device and then grabs the pallet from the magazine and places it in the correct position.

Vacuum EOAT

Our Quick-Ship Palletizers can also be outfitted with standard vacuum end-of-arm tooling that can accommodate elements for pallet and sheet picking. Our in-house engineering team can evaluate your product and goals to determine the solution for your application.

Custom End-of-Arm Tooling

In House Design & Fabrication

MMCI Robotics also specializes in creating custom designed and engineered end-of-arm tooling. Custom tooling is often utilized to increase the speeds, provide more flexibility or handle odd-shaped products. You can view some of our custom end-of arm tooling work below.

Custom End-of-Arm Tooling Examples

Pick, Place & Palletize

Pick, Place & Palletize

We designed this end-of-arm tool to pick-and-place containers into boxes, dispense pallets and palletize full boxes.

Multi-Purpose EOT

Multi-purpose EOAT

This custom end-of-arm tooling satisfied a range of processes including the palletizing of products with highly variable sizes and weights without requiring a tool change.

Roll Handling

Roll Handling

This customized end-of-arm tooling pulled and helped stage boxes for heavy rolls of plastic film which it would grab and gently place into the box.

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