Improve Worker Safety and Productivity

One of the key elements of nearly every automation project is to improve productivity, but by taking a more holistic approach to automation design, our team can often look for ways to improve worker safety and comforts as well.

Eliminate Dangerous Forklift Traffic

After being called in to help improve the palletization process for one of the world's leading lubricant manufacturers, we noticed an extensive amount of forklift traffic operating close to workers on the bottling line. MMCI engineers determined that by integrating vertical and ceiling mounted conveyors, finished cases could be transported directly to the warehouse for palletization and putaway.

This automation not only improved productivity and reduced the number of forklifts needed in the operation, but the reduction in forklift traffic near the bottling line made for a much safer work environment.

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Case Study

Eliminate Bending & Lifting

Integrating robotics and other high-tech automation is a really fun part of our jobs at MMCI, but sometimes it's just good ol' engineering that separates us from other automation companies. Such was the case with for our client that manufactured packaging components. They needed a cost-effective way to eliminate the bending and lifting involved in their palletizing operation.

In typical fashion, our design team accomplished this goal and more. We not only added an ergonomic lift table, but we integrated it with an automated pallet dispenser, adjustable backstops and a pneumatic lift gate that all enhanced productivity and safety.

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Ergonomic Lift Tables

Palletizing in a Freezer

Manually loading boxes onto a pallet is hard enough work, but when it needs to be done in a very cold environment, it can become dangerous. So, when one of the world's largest food processors called us to help automate their palletizing process, we jumped at the chance to help.

As an Authorized System Integrator for Fanuc, we were able to specify a palletizing robot outfitted with a protective robot suit enclosure and integrated heating system to keep the robot and its servo axes at an ambient temperature. Of course, we did not stop there…

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Roboticizing Frozen Food Palletizing

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