Inventory Control

DCX Software includes a suite of inventory control modules that optimize the receiving, storing and replenishment of an unlimited number of items across an unlimited number of storage locations.

It can be set up to support many different location types and can be configured with various inbound and outbound handling categories such as eaches, cases and pallets.

DCX Software Can Help You With:

Storing Pallets
More Efficiently

Storing Full-Cases for 
Automated Fulfillment

Storing "Eaches" for 
Quick-Pick Processes

Optimizing the Receiving Process

With DCX's Mobile Receiving APP and real-time inventory visibility, distribution centers and warehouses can quickly and accurately scan and validate inbound shipments against information in existing ERP and warehouse management systems for efficient putaway and storage.

Optimizing the Putaway Process

Using the DCX Location Slotting Module, intelligence can be employed so that warehouse personnel can manage the putaway process more efficiently.  The goal is to maximize the use of available space while reducing handling costs which the DCX Software accomplishes by optimizing inventory locations within your facility as it relates to accessibility, order frequency and other key variables.

To streamline the slotting process, the DCX Software considers factors specific to your warehouse like its available square footage, layout, existing hardware and equipment, order profile and velocity. 

Icon Safety
Typical Slotting

With limited information, inventory is typically stored less efficiently than possible - requiring more warehouse space and driving costs up.

Icon Productivity
Intelligent, Dynamic Slotting

Dynamic slotting considers existing factors to store products in the most efficient manner possible and avoid added costs.

Utilizing Velocity Classifications

By configuring velocity classifications to each item, DCX can significantly reduce the travel time during of personnel replenishing inventory and picking orders. The software considers how quickly each item turns so fast-moving items are slotted in more easily accessible areas that minimize travel time during the picking and replenishment processes.  

Optimizing Replenishment

Efficient stock replenishment plays a key role in one's ability to optimize the order fulfillment process and run an efficient warehouse.  DCX Software can help ensure that you not only have the product on hand, but that it is in the right area at the right time for optimal picking.

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