Making Palletization Safer & More Efficient

The Client & Objective

A manufacturer of packaging components for some of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies wanted to eliminate lifting and bending in the palletizing process.

The Challenges

There is little debate that the manual loading of pallets can be very strenuous work with lots of lifting and bending, taking a toll on a worker's body. The physical demands of the job were limiting production rates and there was concern that the work could lead to injuries that yield a number of hidden costs.

These were a just a couple of the challenges faced by our client who was tasked with finding a cost effective solution that would work in the existing space with minimal disruption to the operation.

The thought of integrating a robotic palletizer was very intriguing, but the budget for this initial project was relatively limited.

The Solution

MMCI engineers developed a cost-effective solution that addressed the client's immediate needs and more. Plus, the system was designed so that robotics could be added in the future for even more productivity gains.

One key element involved ergonomic lift tables that would eliminate all of the bending and lifting. This alone would make the process safer for employees.

ergonomic lift table

But to further improve the productivity and safety of the workers, our engineers integrated a semi-automated pallet dispenser and a 2-pallet accumulation conveyor.

Pallets move automatically onto the lift and adjust to an ideal height for loading the first row. Once a level is complete, the operator presses a button to lower the pallet so that the second layer can be added with limited bending or lifting.

To enhance safety and productivity even further, we added adjustable backstops and a pneumatic powered lift gate that moves the conveyor out of the way so pallets can be stacked from both the front and side.

The Results

Not only does the new system reduce worker fatigue and improve productivity, but the elimination of forklifts from the machine operator's area makes the entire operation safer and more efficient.

Material handling personnel can now easily pick up full pallets and load empty pallets without interrupting the machine operators.

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