Ultra-Compact Robotic Palletizing Solution

The Client & Objective

A global food supplier with an extensive product line and multiple distribution channels came to MMCI looking to automate an existing palletizing process that was completely manual and required multiple employees working several shifts per day.

The Challenges

The proposed automation would not only need to increase productivity, but it would also have to minimize the potential for work-related injuries, decrease labor costs and require a very small footprint.

The Solution

MMCI evaluated the existing packaging line, its processes and rates, the variety of case sizes and pallet packing patterns being used and the space available to develop a solution.

Our engineers determined that conventional palletizers would not provide enough flexibility for this application because floor space was a limiting factor. We, therefore, recommended a robotic palletizing solution with a very small footprint that could be integrated with existing infeed conveyors with little modification.

Small Footprint Robotic Palletizer

To ensure that the proposed solution could quickly palletize the variety of case sizes and patterns in the allotted time and space, MMCI Robotics manufactured, assembled and tested the new system in its facility in St. Louis, MO.  Our engineering team also developed controls to make it easy to create new palletizing patterns for future products.

robotic palletizer with small footprint

The Result

The result was a complete turnkey solution for the customer and another example of how MMCI Robotics provides cost effective, dependable and flexible palletizing systems.

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robotic case palletizing arm

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