Robotic Pallet & Slip Sheet Dispensing Systems

The design of nearly every robotic palletizing system involves the implementation of some type of automated pallet and/or slipsheet dispensing systems. Our engineers can review your line speeds, available space, flexibility requirements and overall budget to determine the best solutions for your applications.

Pallet Dispensing Systems

For most of the robotic palletizing lines that we design, we either integrate one of our automatic pallet dispensers or create customized end-of-arm tooling so that the pallet dispensing process can accomplished by the robot.

Automatic Pallet Dispensers

MMCI's FD-1500 and FD-2000 represent the evolution of the automated pallet dispenser. We designed these machines to provide greater flexibility, operate more reliably and lower the overall cost of the pallet handling process.

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MMCI's FD-1500 / 2000 Automatic Pallet Dispenser

Robotic Pallet Dispensers

If the operating speed of packaging line allows it, we can sometimes incorporate the pallet dispensing process into the robotic cell allowing us to achieve the following benefits.

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Robotic Pallet Dispenser from MMCI Robotics

Slip Sheet Dispensing Systems

MMCI Robotics also offers multiple options for dispensing slip sheets directly onto an empty pallet, placing a tier sheet between layers of product and/or placing the slip sheet on top of the finished load.

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Slip Sheet Dispensing Systems from MMCI Robotics

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